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Why Creative Children's Construction Toys Matter Now More Than Ever


"The world will not be about getting a job; it will be about creating one.  The softness in the economy shown by COVID is just more proof". 

Simply following directions will no longer cut it.  The world needs more outside of the box thinkers - get your children creating novel solutions now.

We've all seen children working away on Roblox, Minecraft, and other on-screen games.  Their creativity in such programs is endless, yet, somehow, we're a little unsettled by that amount of screen time.

The attraction for children is the creative canvas these games provide.  However, the skills gained in these games are limited in their utility in the real world (although, I did have students successfully convince me to implement Minecraft in to math class) .  This is why we are unsettled by the screen time.

Creative children's toys, that children actually handle and manipulate, matter now more than ever.  These toys get them off of the screens that we know, empirically, are rewiring their brains and back active again.  Unless the toy requires as little effort as the video game we may, however, run in to some difficulty.  This is why I submit that a parent moving their child from video games to construction toys should do it in phases. 

First - while StickyBricky does not carry sets with instructions I say that first you should move them to a Lego or building set that has very specific and easy instructions to follow.

Then, as they get more comfortable with that and it's fun, encourage them to move away from the instructions.  As sets are highly specialized now, this may require having a bunch of 'regular' or 'old-fashioned' building blocks, such as StickyBricky's building block mix or some you might find on eBay, Craigslist, or Kijiji.  For ideas, StickyBricky recommends the Build It! series of books or the Lego Ideas book from Amazon.

The third and fourth phases are why I have built the StickyBricky shop and concepts.  Third, our StickyBricky tape.  This moves the creativity and ingenuity away from merely that defined by gravity - children struggle a little for a first idea given the tape, but that's why, over the coming months, I have a crew of children building new things and posting them for us all online (follow us on Intagram for the best continual feed once we're up and going with it!).

Finally, the fourth branch is the real simple building toys that open the whole world of possibilities up for children.  I'm going to keep these under wraps for now, but there will be a segment of StickyBricky products upcoming that is all about maximum creativity, ingenuity, and innovation by using the KISS principle (Keeping it Simple...).

I've seen this all work in real life.  My 'little brother', now a world class athlete and engineer, had his Minecraft subscription cancelled, by me, when he was 11.  That same afternoon I took him to the woodworking shop and built a mouse trap racer.  The rest, as they say, is history...

PS - For adult ingenuity, you'd be at phase two, three, and four... but in the interim, why not drink your coffee from a StickyBricky mug


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