Lego®-compatible Tape - StickyBricky Brick Tape - Stickybricky

Lego®-compatible Tape - StickyBricky Brick Tape

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StickyBricky, the Best Lego compatible tape

Imagine being able to build around corners, on curved surfaces, or even on to the sides of that sailing ship you've just spent hours building.  All you have to do is snip a length of Toy Block Tape and stick it on. As simple as that!

We are the first toy block tape on the market and have a range of colors to choose from, this is the best toy block tape on the market.  

This tape lets you turn anything into Lego®-compatible surface!

Lego®-Compaitble Tape comes in meter long (3.2FT) strips

  • 100% compatible with LEGO® bricks
  • Unique building brick design
  • BPA-free plastic, hand wash only
  • Compatible with Lego®, Mega Bloks™, KRE-O™ and K'NEX Bricks™
  • Bricks sold separately
  • Ages 4+